The Mistress

She remains the obsession of my truest heart,
But to me she has and will always be my salvation.
In the harshest of times, I always turned to her.
But many claim to do the same. But she is mine and always has been.
The cruelest part is that she doesn’t realize her worth.
And I call to her daily, longing for her voice.
But alas she has a lover, and he comes to her every night.
He pulls her close and then pushes her away.
On her edge I stand vowing to always be by her side.
But she does not hear my words, she only hears his commands.
He says come to me for but a moment and then run, run away.
There are no walls or boundaries to stop me from diving into her heart,
Nothing to keep me from letting her consume me, and all that I claim to be.
Do I have the strength to give myself to her completely?
Only she knows the truth and she hides it from the world.
I have seen her calm and still, and I have seen her rage.
I have sat with her as she gives me joy, lost in her essence.
One day I will pass, but she will continue to flow,
Gently and softly into the night to her lover.
Will my spirit find her? Will he know her voice?
Will she set my tired soul to rest in her loving arms?
Or will she push me away as she has so many untold.
No matter what transpires, I will sit by her and keep vigil,
Lost in her beauty, lost in her depths.
And when I breathe my final breath,
Carry my lifeless body and lay me at her feet,
Let her carry me into her world, where I will live for all time.
It will be then that I find the eternal love
that she offers my troubled heart.

James Heaton Copyright 2022


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