The Ocean

by James Heaton You can call me Christian. My full name is Christian Andres Stone, and I am the son of Samuel Stone and the grandson of Andres Stone. My family comes from the Bahamas and up until I was twenty-four, I had never seen the beauty that is the ocean. My story begins with … Continue reading The Ocean


Father’s Day

Father’s DayJames Heaton Every five years the father and the son meet at a café, somewhere in the world that they both mutually decided upon. The more eccentric the better, the more unique the location was always preferred, why waste such an important meaning on a subpar establishment who didn’t treat their patrons with respect. … Continue reading Father’s Day

To Give and Take

“What if I could tell you that you could have everything you ever wanted? What if I could give you that dream home on the beach, that job that always celebrated you as an employee. Or what if I could give you any amount of money?”