Highlighted Passages

The Best of James Heaton From The Tree of Life: Carlos steadies himself against the wall, Virginia rushes to give him water from the canteen. He drinks and she can see his eyes are dilated and she sees the vessels burst in his eyes. She knows that it is the brain tumor, of all times…

Summers Gone

“When I’m gone light a candle when you miss me. If you’re lucky I might come and blow it out.”

Father’s Day

Father’s DayJames Heaton Every five years the father and the son meet at a café, somewhere in the world that they both mutually decided upon. The more eccentric the better, the more unique the location was always preferred, why waste such an important meaning on a subpar establishment who didn’t treat their patrons with respect.…

With This Ring…

An elderly couple that searches the beach with metal detectors and their mysterious story of love and heart break.

To Give and Take

“What if I could tell you that you could have everything you ever wanted? What if I could give you that dream home on the beach, that job that always celebrated you as an employee. Or what if I could give you any amount of money?”

The Mistress

She remains the obsession of my truest heart,But to me she has and will always be my salvation.In the harshest of times, I always turned to her.But many claim to do the same. But she is mine and always has been.The cruelest part is that she doesn’t realize her worth.And I call to her daily,…

The Dirty Little War

Compliment her, enjoy her presence and let her know that being right there in the same room with her is everything to you….


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